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This program is open only for coaches in Badminton / Air Rifle / Air Pistol events

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Your history as an athlete

{{answer_OGwLc9BQ9vsN}}, in this section we would like to know about your experience as an athlete.
What is the highest level that you have you played as an athlete? *

Mention the name of the tournaments (with your best finishes) in National & International (if applicable) events
What were your key achievements as an athlete?

Mention your best victories, medals, tournaments, won, awards won, world rankings, etc
How many coaches have trained you while you were an athlete?

Your Experience As a Coach

{{answer_OGwLc9BQ9vsN}}, why did you become a coach? *

How many years of coaching experience do you have?


Also, mention the year in which you started coaching.
What is your current qualification as a coach? If you have you taken any certification course, workshop, etc then mention the details *

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What is your current employment status? *

Which academy / organization / school are you currently associated with as a coach? *

Which academy / organization / school have you previously been associated with as a coach? (Mention all):

Also, mention the time period for which you were associated with each organization
How many hours do you train in your academy on a daily basis?

Describe your overall coaching experience *

Your Athletes

In this section, we would like to know about the athletes training under you
How many athletes have you coached in the past? *

Mention the total number of athletes coached by you.
On an average, how many athletes do you train per month in a year? *

What is the highest level that your athletes (write top 5 finishes) have played during your training? *

Mention the name of the tournaments and respective results for national and international tournaments
Write down key achievements of your students/athletes: *


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